Our last night in Daytona we spent with Gyorgy, his dog Sophie, and his iguana Lizzie.




Then, onto Jacksonville.

The sandwich in these photos is my favorite sandwich in the whole world (The Jack del Rio at Angie’s).

The shots of me brushing my teeth in the ocean are from a morning where we woke up “a little too close” to the beach (on it).

The birds and the jellyfish are to just fun to look at.



Daytona Beach

Kyle and I have spent the last few days in Daytona.

I -

Got a tan and lots of sand.


Learned how to skim board with this guy.


Ate a collective 19 plates of Chinese food at a buffet (over 2 visits) with this guy.

photo (8)

And amongst other things, got to relax and do some writing and recording.

This is a little sketch recording I did last night. I really like these chords and am still trying to find the best way to use them.

I was trying to write some music to accompany a poem – something I’ve never done before.

It is meant to someday blossom and accompany this poem, which was also written recently during a night on the couch.

Audio MP3



Panama City

On the road with Kyle -



Cover of “Sea Song” by Robert Wyatt

This past week, I had the great pleasure of collaborating with my friend Mary Dumler.


Limited to an acoustic guitar, one keyboard, one microphone, and one stuffy nose (sorry, Mary), I think we made something pretty fantastic.

We both really enjoyed how this turned out, and may work again in the future on some original material.

You can hear some more of her musical doodles here.

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